Using Affirmations in Network Marketing

If you’ve never used affirmations in your network marketing, you’re missing a wonderful opportunity.

Affirmations are as important to your business as exercise is to your body. I invest at least 30 minutes every day exercising for the overall wellness of my body and I invest time every day with positive affirmation about my business and where I want it to be.

I’d like to offer some ideas on using affirmations for your business:

1. Find a company magazine that recognizes the leaders of your company. Insert your name into that spot and tell yourself daily that you will make it into that spot and that you are working daily on achieving that.

2. Make a goal and then tell yourself daily that you’ll hit that goal. I know it sounds large, but I like the number three. About a year ago I told myself I wanted three thousand three hundred and thirty three new distributors on my team. That very day I sponsored a new distributor and have been counting down ever since. I know that I’m on my way to hitting that magic number.

3. I like to meet new people daily. This doesn’t mean that every person will buy from me or join my team but I want to know three new people daily. Sometimes I’ve met three new people by 8:00 a.m. and sometimes I don’t meet new people until my evening routine, but meeting three new people every day is just a part of my life.

Affirmations are positive thoughts that become your reality. Affirmations need to be positive statements such as “I will meet three new people every day” versus “I want to meet…” or even “I’m going to meet…”

Affirmations also need to be short phrases such as “I will sponsor three thousand three hundred and thirty three new distributors” or “I will have my photo in this magazine” You should be able to look at these phrases daily, repeat the phrases daily and believe that this is your reality.

I just heard of a woman yesterday who said she will sponsor thirty new distributors each month. She’d wake up and begin her quest. She knew she would do this and she told herself daily she would do this and it’s now her reality.

Affirmations are words that lead you into action. When you believe the words, when the words are your reality you will take the action needed to make the words true.

Affirmations are powerful. Try a few in your business and then take the action to make your business grow.

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