The 7 Worst Article Marketing Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Are you disappointed in the results your articles are generating? Are you spending a lot of time and energy but not getting results? Do your articles target the right audience? Is anyone reading your articles?

If you answered NO, you need this report. Get your articles read, your readers responding, and your business growing.

Correct these typical marketing article blunders and watch your business soar.

Words do two major things: They provide food for the
mind and create light for understanding and awareness.

–Jim Rohn

7 Common Article Blunders:

1. Failure to use a catchy title. The headline and article summary must grab and keep the reader’s attention. Use keywords and phrases; let your reader know in a snap what they will gain by reading the article.

2. Attempting to disguise sales copy as quality content. Do not use hype, bragging and self-promotion. Write winning content that will set you apart from the competition and build a reputation as a credible and competent expert.

3. Creating paragraphs that are too long. Use short paragraphs and sentences. Utilize white space to make the article easy to read.

4. Making your article too broad or superficial in content. Each article should cover a specific topic. It is better to define a single point.

5. Not solving a problem or offering dated, worthless content – are you delivering information that is valuable to your reader? Deliver indispensable content and solve their problem. Write from your unique perspective, do not publish a “me too” article.

6. Omitting a call to action. Each article should have one purpose and one most wanted response. Do not send mixed messages with multiple options or confusing copy.

7. Neglecting to include a bio box and link to your website – access is paramount online. Build trust and familiarity by sharing information that allows readers to know you and connect with you. Don’t overlook the importance of access.

To succeed marketers must create, distribute, and promote valuable content geared to their target market. Begin today to execute content marketing programs.
Start with the basics: Help them solve a problem and deliver it in a format that will help your reader succeed.

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