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Postcard Marketing – Doing Things the Right Way

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Direct mail is a simple but very effective form of marketing. These days most people in the home business industry are attracted to this form of marketing because it is easily duplicatable and it is one of the safest ways to find success.

Before you start utilizing postcard techniques you first must understand what works and what doesn’t. Having a good sense of what it takes to be successful with direct mail will help you save yourself a ton of money by eliminating the costly mistakes I see many new marketers make on a daily basis.

When you start out you want to make sure that you’re mailing your postcards to a targeted list of buyers. You also want to make sure that your postcards have a very targeted message that will get your prospects to take action upon receiving your postcards in the mail. These two steps are very important and if you mess this up it could be the end of your business.

One common mistake I see new marketers make is, they mail out their postcards and then they sit back and wait for the money to roll in. This is a very bad mistake. You want to consistently mail out your postcards on a daily or weekly basis. Which ever works best for you. Do not worry about results initially. Just keep mailing cards and everything else will fall into place.

If you want to be a successful home business owner then direct mail marketing will probably be the best form of marketing you can use for your business. If you follow some of the tips within this article your success is all but guaranteed.

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Article Marketing Secrets – Building Your List Through Article Marketing

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It doesn’t matter if you are someone new to Internet marketing and list building looking for a proven method or strategy to build your list or an experienced online marketer with an established list looking to grow it at a faster rate, article marketing is the key.

The fact is, article marketing is a very effective and easy to implement technique that will substantially grow your list faster than just about any other list building strategy.

What really makes this method motivating is the fact that you simply write articles around a specific niche topic on a regular basis submitting them to the top article directories with a link leading back to your squeeze page or website.

In order for this process to work properly you should focus on writing articles that are between 400 and 500 words long providing quality content to your prospective readers. You need to make sure to finish or closeout your article with a strong call to action where you direct or lead your reader onto the next step which just happens to be your website where they will find additional information that will help solve a problem or question they may have about a particular niche topic.

I mentioned providing quality content in your article and this is important because it builds credibility with your readers and allows you to establish yourself as an expert for the topic they are interested in learning more about.

To some extent, article marketing is a bit of a numbers game so if you can consistently create two or three new articles on a daily basis in support of your list building efforts you will find that your opt-ins or subscribers will start to increase at a rapid rate.

Article marketing is without question one of the most explosive and successful ways to generate traffic to your website or squeeze page which will directly affect the size of your subscribers list.

When it comes to the power of article marketing I can speak directly from firsthand knowledge and experience because it is the primary method that I use to build my own lists in a variety of niches.

Although I’ve been writing articles for several years now and have developed a strong understanding of what does and does not work when it comes to article marketing it shouldn’t keep you from getting started on your own list building efforts. As you begin to write more and more articles you will find that the process of writing and submitting articles will become easier and soon you may even begin creating your own products.

This much I can promise, if you start writing and submitting articles today in order to build a list you will find that 3 or 4 months from now you will have more subscribers and be making more money with your online business then you were yesterday.

Are you ready to learn more tips on how to write enticing articles in order to drive more visitors to your websites?

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Search Engine Marketing Pro? – Beware

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Trying locate a competent search engine marketing pro can be a daunting task.

Internet marketing companies are popping up on Google by the hundreds everyday making it difficult to locate companies that are truly qualified. You should tread carefully when considering who to hire because many times the only true talent the firm will have is a savvy salesperson.

We have all fell victim to a savvy salesperson one time or another that promise the world just to get their dirty hands in your wallet and then disappear with your companies’ hard earned cash without delivering any value for your investment. No place is this more rampant today than internet marketing. As search engines are becoming the new cornerstone of attracting new customers, this creates an enormous opportunity for the cons of the world. If you are searching for a search engine marketing pro:

Beware of these 5 signs that that will almost guarantee they are under qualified or outright cons and are simply looking to make a fast buck off of you.

1. They can’t provide any references because their client relationships are confidential.

Any company that can’t provide real references that you can speak to directly, I’m not talking about just testimonials on their website, is a a sure sign you are dealing with an inferior company. People by nature love to tell others about wise decisions they have made, if they don’t have any verifiable real clients you can speak to most likely it is because no such clients exist.

2. They promise to increase sales by X amount.

Ultimately, it is your company that is the expert in your area of products or services. If your sales are struggling then most likely your pricing is off our you need to re-evaluate your competition. All a competent internet marketing company can do is bring potential customers to you, it is up to you to turn that potential customer into a sale. Promising to increase your sales is another sure sign you should hang up the phone.

3. They offer you premium internet marketing ridiculously cheap.

Search engines are extremely competitive and acquiring potential new customers from them requires serious time and effort by qualified search engine experts. If they are promising big traffic and tons of new business leads for a nominal fee IE: “SEO for only $99.00 a month!” you can rest assured you are wasting your time and money Unless their team is working for free, getting anything done of value cheaply is just not happening. There is a lot of research and time that goes into SE marketing and an effective campaign is impossible to achieve on such a tiny fee.

4. They have the “big secret” to top search engine rankings.

This is one of my favorites and such a ridiculous pitch. They tell you that they have discovered the secret to top search engine rankings and have the formula for page one results. Nobody and I mean nobody has a secret formula. Google did not become the biggest search engine in the world by creating a platform that can be cracked with some secret code. They have a team of some of the best engineers in the world dedicated full time to insuring their rankings are not manipulated.

5. They know people that work at Google and can get you on the first page.

It’s true, there are companies out there that will try to tell you they have an inside line getting to the top of Google and are willing to put in a good word for you to the engineers. Another ridiculous claim that is a 100% sure sign you should run for the hills. Do you really think Google would allow such a thing?

Use Common Sense Before Deciding to Hire A Search Engine Marketing Pro

When seeking a search engine marketing pro be sure to use common sense. Savvy salespeople far outnumber the amount of qualified search engine marketers out there and they are on the hunt for your money. They are driven by commissions and many will tell you almost anything to make that sale. Make sure you talk directly to a qualified search engine marketing consultant that can explain thoroughly what they are going to do for you in terms you can understand:

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Growing Your Direct Selling Business on the Internet

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Well it is here and it looks like it is going to stay. Not that the internet is new but it just seems to me that there is no recession taking place online at this point. Now the question is can I grow a direct selling business on the internet?

The answer is yes, not only yes, it is a resounding yes! Growing your home business in the information age has taken on a whole new dimension in the way people go about recruiting. I have seen it happen.

I observed one young man go from nothing to becoming one of the top earners in a particular company in just two weeks because he had built up a targeted email list. It only took him six months to create his list by the way. Now this is not typical, it just goes to show you that the internet has unlimited potential if you tackle it with focused action.

This gentleman was promoting another company prior to joining this particular company and they shut down their networking side of the business. Instead of him throwing in the towel, he blasted out webinar invites to his list and within the first couple of days; he had recruited over 75 people into his business.

How many face to face meetings and home party invites do you think that it would take to sponsor 75 people into your business? Quite a bit! I am not saying that talking to your warm market or friends and family should be out of the question; if you are like most people, then you have probably exhausted your friends and family list with other opportunities that did not pan out for one reason or another.

Getting your MLM business online is definitely not rocket science. There are systems, steps, training, and pretty much anything else you can imagine on the internet that can make it seem like rocket science to the unsuspecting new prospect.

In order to grow your MLM in the internet age, you need to focus on consistent action that is going to help you develop your own leads. That is the beauty of utilizing the internet to market your network marketing opportunity, affiliate programs or what have you because you can focus like a laser to the prospect that you want to target. By doing that you generate people that are seeking you out instead of chasing everybody that crosses your path like your up line told you to do.

What does it take to create an endless supply of leads that are looking for you and your opportunity? It takes the ability to focus on the actions that are going to get the job done and the ability to create a system that will put prospects at your door asking for more information. When you focus on this part of your business, then success is not far away.

Now you could spend countless hours at the computer trying to generate your own systems with all of the lead capture pages, autoresponder emails, marketing training and everything else that you need to get your business online and generating targeted leads for you or you could get a system that has everything that you need. [] will show you how to go about branding yourself as the leader that people want to follow. I invite you to follow the System [] that I use that brings targeted qualified prospects to my door. Get to growing your direct selling business on the internet and start to use a system that makes it easier for you.

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3 Killer Attraction Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Sky Rocket Your Leads, Sales & Online Success

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Since the Introduction of Mike Dillard’s Industry Changing Magnetic Sponsoring Course, Attraction Marketing has quickly become the most powerful communication strategy ever used to build a successful enterprise in today’s Home Based Business & Online Marketplace.

From Blogging, to Article Marketing, Video Marketing & Social Media, more and more Home Business Entrepreneurs are not only turning to Attraction Marketing to build their businesses, but many are making an absolute fortune doing so!

Today more than ever, thanks to technology and the speed at which we are able to communicate with people all over the world, online entrepreneurs are able to create interest, brand themselves and become a center of influence for dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people with the push of a few buttons.

Ultimately, those who do a great job of marketing themselves most often, will also generate the most interest, the most opt-ins and the most sales.

So the question is not whether you should start using Attraction Marketing to grow your business, but more importantly how do you do it so that you too can be like the many people using this strategy to make money online every day.

What’s the Secret Sauce?

Well, let’s just say that there’s a whole lot more to successful Attraction Marketing than just uploading some videos to You Tube or posting a few articles or blog posts online and then expecting the world to beat a path to your door.

There are many ingredients that make up a successful Attraction Marketing campaign, however, the real question is not so much about doing it, because how difficult is it to speak in front of a video camera or whip out your keyboard and start typing away? We speak and type every single day without much thought.

To really break it down to its least common denominator, Attraction Marketing is not about what you are doing, but more importantly, who you are being.

Let’s do a short exercise:

Think of a successful Attraction Marketer that you know of.

Video Marketer, Blogger, Article Marketer, Network Marketer, Information Guru – any one will do.

Draw a picture of him or her in your mind right now.

Who do you see?

What do you feel?

What is your impression of him or her?

Whether they are pretty or handsome (or not), they’re probably attractive enough, if you’ve just thought about them.

Not in any other way except that they have an attractive personality, right?

Why is that?

What draws you to them?

What makes them so attractive to you and perhaps thousands of others, that you think of them often and enjoy listening to or watching them?

Crack this nut and you’ve just answered the million dollar question!

So, here’s the answer.

I call what you are about to read, “Secrets” because hardly anyone ever discloses this information in detail when they talk about how to become a great Attraction Marketer.

But I’m going to take you inside the world of exactly why it works!

It’s so obvious once you know these secrets, that it won’t take much for you to implement them into your own marketing.

So let’s dive in to 3 Killer Attraction Marketing Secrets Guaranteed to Sky Rocket Your Leads, Sales & Online & Success.

Killer Attraction Marketing Secret #1 – Being Comfortable with Yourself

Think about your favorite Attraction Marketer again.

Notice how relaxed they are in front of a camera?

How about expressing themself on the phone?

How about their story telling in print?

Whether you watch them LIVE or in a video, read their writing or listen to them on a call or webinar, they exude a very high level of peace, posture and power.

They are confident and have high self esteem.

They are natural and fully self expressed.

Deep down, they know that they are not perfect, yet we perceive them to be, even if they sometimes choke on their words, stutter or even spit on the camera!

This is because they don’t mind being vulnerable, they don’t mind being transparent and they don’t mind being fully exposed.

When you have a healthy self esteem and a good self image, you begin not to care how others judge you, because you have come to a place where quite frankly, you no longer judge yourself.

This is a very attractive quality and it will draw people to you like kids to a candy store.

Pay close attention to those you find yourself attracted to.

It’s in these comfortable moments of brilliance that they develop a tremendous influence over you and this is exactly how you will do the same.

Killer Attraction Marketing Secret #2 – Know Your Market

This is a critical piece to the puzzle, because if you don’t know who you are marketing to, you are essentially marketing to everybody.

And when you market to everybody, you market to nobody.

Knowing exactly who you want to resonate and connect with in your marketing message will not only allow you to speak directly to them, but with them.

Because even though you are the only one communicating in your video or blog post or article, there is a two way conversation taking place in the mind of your audience and when you can get into rapport with that person’s psyche, you are strengthening your relationship with them, deepening their trust for you and developing what is called purchase readiness.

In other words, when you know exactly who you are marketing to, what they want, what they don’t want, what they like, what they don’t like, what their challenges are and what motivates or inspires them, and you actually articulate this in your message, you get them into full agreement with everything you are communicating, making them want to get to know you more, receive more of your value and perhaps even buy from you.

After all, this is the reason you are in business – to develop a market and make sales!

Now, how about those who do not resonate with you or your message?

Well, chances are that they will form an early opinion of you and only use your messages to waste time, procrastinate or justify their reasons for not liking or buying from you – and this is OK.

Just as you are not going to please everyone or sell everyone, you are not going to connect with everyone.

When you come to understand that many successful marketers are either loved or hated by their lists, including friends, fans and followers, you will truly come to understand why they make their millions.

You see, as you become more and more of a successful Attraction Marketer in the Direct Marketing Industry, you will realize a very powerful strategy called, Polarizing Your List.

This simply means that you aim to attract only those who are in your market and don’t mind detracting those who are not.

Always remember, the larger your list grows, the more unsubscribes you are going to experience. Don’t let this scare you. It’s an opportunity to really learn your market better so that more of your subscribers stay tuned in to you and your messages.

To better understand and know your Market, you want to create what is known as an “Avatar”.

Just like the movie, an “Avatar” is a fictitious character that possesses all of the qualities of the “perfect” lead or subscriber, friend, fan, follower, customer or client.

Knowing exactly who your market is will allow you to clear a path to your target and hit it more often than not.

Once you know the “Avatar” of your perfect prospect, then and only then can you speak their language, on their terms and in their world.

This Attraction Marketing Secret alone has made many, many Attraction Marketing Millionaires!

Killer Attraction Marketing Secret #3 – Offer Value

Now although this is probably the most often heard advice in our Industry, this Secret is probably also the most mis-understood.

What exactly does it mean to “give value”?

Well, first, let’s go back to Secret #1 & Secret #2.

When you possess a high level of self comfort, as stated in Secret #1, this instills confidence and trust into your audience that you know what you are talking about, and this fact alone is very attractive to others.

You see, we live in very uncertain times for most people and to know that someone else is confident and steadfast on their way to security, is very comforting.

And, to know that they can follow this confident, steadfast person to a safe haven, is even more comforting.

Even if you are a new entrepreneur or just got started in your business and don’t have a clue about how to be successful yet, but come off that you know exactly what you are doing based on how comfortable you are with yourself, people will pay attention to you and will be influenced by you and your message.

This doesn’t mean that you should stay at that level of ‘not knowing’, but the mere fact that you stand for something you believe in, especially in these uncertain times, is what people are looking for and buying.

So the first value people receive from you, is your Leadership and it’s the most sought after value in our Society.

Then, the next value your audience will receive from you, can be found in Killer

Attraction Marketing Secret #2 – knowing your market.

The value you deliver in this secret is the value that people receive from feeling a connection with you, being understood and even listened to.

This is very powerful because in today’s marketplace the level of personal interaction between people has been severely reduced by the nuances of technology and more people today than ever have become an island of themselves, limited to the connections they have with the outside world, besides those people they follow on the Internet.

By simply “stating the obvious”, there is an unspoken agreement between you and your audience and by doing so, this “agreement” actually trips a psychological trigger that will most likely lead them to take an action.

The more of these triggers you touch on in your Attraction Marketing Message, the more action steps they will take, ultimately leading up to a sale of whatever you are marketing.

Finally, the message that most people will truly associate with the most value, is that which comes with knowledge or information that you share with them.

When you…

Share something new
Confirm something that they’ve already suspected
Validate something that they already know to be true
…you reduce tension and increase cooperation.

You can even tell a story that illustrates a point and creates the same outcome.

Or perhaps it’s sharing some ancient wisdom now showing up in your life in the form of new understanding where by you making it more clear for others, you also make it more clear for yourself.

So no matter what value you offer or how you deliver it, what matters most is that you are offer something that others will find interesting or inspiring, even entertaining!

This will captivate your audience and make sure that they look forward to your next communication, whether it is delivered by email, video, blog post, article or simply… just a Tweet!

The key is to stay consistent and persistent, and make sure that when your audience thinks about the next great Attraction Marketer, they think of you!

Implement these strategies into your own Marketing Plan and soon enough, others will find you, admire you and follow you right into business!

Aaron Rashkin is a Full Time Online Network Marketer & Family Man who lives in Colorado with his wife Sophia and two boys Carter & Legend. Aaron built his previous Network Marketing Business to over 10,000 distributors using old school network marketing techniques but recently transitioned over to Top Tier Online Direct Sales where he and his wife have built a Million Dollar Income in just their first two years using Attraction Marketing Strategies, Web 2.0 & Pay Per Click Marketing.

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E-Mail Marketing – Creating Business Success

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With the fast paced Internet world more and more websites are turning to e-mail marketing as a way of gaining customers. In knowing this, you need a way that you can get ahead of the competition and gain a great advantage over all your competitors. Here are just a few quick and easy tips that will help you achieve this.

One of the most important parts of any email marketing campaign would be the subject line. It should be short and simple but captivating enough to catch your readers’ eye and make them want to read on for more information. Your subject line should never be more than 50 characters otherwise you can actually lose customers because they will not take the time to read it all. Customers want information in a hurry so you only have a few seconds to grab their attention and make the most of their time spent with your sales pitch.

E-mail Marketing is a powerful tool for customer acquisition & lead generation. The world today is comprised of people wanting instant gratification for their needs, therefore delivering relevant information quickly via e-mail marketing campaigns, gives an edge over your competitors. The cost incurred in traditional direct marketing can be reduced by using e-mail marketing, as it saves paper and time-costs and other miscellaneous expenses like mailing. You can divert your saved resources into a new project or venture, and capitalize on promising investments.

Through email marketing campaigns, businesses are able to advertise their message to its audience more effectively than website-based advertising, where customers are expected to pay a visit. Many customers just avoid the hassle for reasons like tight time schedules, short attention spans, etc. As a consequence you would be deprived of growing your precious customer database.

Unlike traditional direct mails, e-mail messages are easy to track. Advertisers use systems that will keep track of all their customers’ activities, such as click-throughs, read mail, bounced emails and forms they have filled out. These mechanisms can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and to correlate sales with marketing. According to a digital market survey, email marketing is popular with digital marketers – an estimated 15% increase in 2009 resulted in generating $458million in the Unites States.

Another great way to gain clients is to take the time to address them by name. This way the customer will be more likely to read your email because it makes them feel like you are speaking to them directly and not just another person.

When tracked appropriately, an effective email campaign can generate a colossal business result. The delivery time-span of e-mails is instant unlike regular mail, which makes it akin to search marketing. Instant response metrics can be generated, leveraging a business with huge conglomerate of opportunities quickly. Specific types of interaction with email messages can trigger other advertisement messages to be delivered automatically, or events, like updating recipients profile to indicate a category of specific interest.

With so much competition these days, creating a powerful email marketing campaign and getting sales on the internet can difficult, but, with the right strategies employed you will be able to quickly overcome the hurdle and beat the competition.

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Trend Trading – Using Market Momentum to Your Advantage

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All investors are interested in making wise stock picks, and staying in tune with the market so that they can be aware of the best times to buy or sell the stocks they’re monitoring. Beginning investors are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stocks that are available to pick from, and once they’ve made their selections, they are equally paralyzed by the idea that they could possibly buy or sell at the wrong point in the stock’s performance. If you have bee educating yourself about the basics of technical analysis, you’ve probably heard the term “trend” tossed around quite a bit. Here are some things you should know about trend trading, and the way that it can be used to your benefit.

It’s important that you start with a solid idea of what trend trading is in the first place. Defined by market experts, this term is used to describe a strategy that attempts to ensure market gains by analyzing an asset’s current market momentum in a particular direction. In layman’s terms, this means that you can often learn a lot about the future of a stock by analyzing the direction in which it has been headed for a certain past period of time.

The basis for this definition of trend trading comes from two of the most important assumptions of technical analysis in general: a stock’s current direction of price movement will continue into the future, unless something moves to interrupt it, and history is inclined to repeat itself. No matter whether you describe yourself as a long or short term trader, you can still learn a lot about which direction a stock is likely to head by analyzing the way it has behaved in the past. Trend lines are also important for picking out patterns that might signal a reversal.

If you’re interested in using trend trading to your advantage, it’s important to become very familiar with stock charts and the patterns and movements that they depict. When you are able to look at the way that the price of a stock has moved over the past month or several months, you’ll start to see whether it has been mostly bearish or mostly bullish. The gaps, reversals, and continuations that you spot there can tell you a lot about the stock’s stability, and the chances for profitable growth that exist in the future. Over all, this form of trading can be very profitable if you are able to confirm trends as they are forming.

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Top Seven Strategic Marketing Secrets

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For most business owners, marketing is a very sensitive subject. We all know that you cannot profit from a business nobody’s ever heard of. But, how do you build a strategic marketing plan, one that will drive traffic to your site, and create momentum for your business? Well, I am about to reveal to you the top ten secrets for creating and following a strategic marketing plan. While I do go into some of the specific marketing tools you should consider adopting, my main objective here is to give you personal tools to help you as you lay out the foundation for your advertising. Are you ready to discover the top ten strategic marketing secrets? Let’s get started.

FOCUS – Robert Kiyosaki uses the word FOCUS as an acronym meaning “Follow One Course Until Successful”. One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is believing that they have to master every single marketing strategy available out there. That is actually the worst thing you can do. While knowing what the different techniques are and the basics of what they entail can be beneficial, you will be much more successful if you choose no more than 3 techniques to really master and focus on.
PLAN – This may seem obvious to some, but it is a very elusive concept to others. Nobody plans to fail, but if you fail to plan you will surely fail in the end. So, make a plan and work the plan. Set specific goals and objectives for your business and your business marketing. Creating a detailed plan of how you will reach those goals and then following that plan is what will convert your marketing into Strategic Marketing.
START SMALL TO BUILD BIG – While most new business owners are focused on trying to make that BIG sale that finally makes them feel like they’ve turned a corner, it is important to gain a bit of perspective. No real business is built overnight. Even those who find some success quickly are not likely to have lasting profits if they have not “paid their dues”. The secret here is to get a bit of perspective. If you are in MLM or some type of affiliate program, the big money is obviously in the residual aspect of the business, not necessarily on the individual sales. But, if you focus on making product or service sales, even for small commissions, at the beginning, you will be able to generate enough income to reinvest in the business and it will be a lot faster than getting prospects or obtaining recurrent residuals. That will come later!
PPC – OK, so here’s the really juicy bit… PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the big buzz terms in the industry of internet marketing. This type of advertising in which you pay to have your ad placed within the search engines like Google or Yahoo IS, in fact, the fastest way to generate traffic to your site. However, it is also the easiest way to lose your proverbial shirt if you don’t know what you’re doing. The secret here is this: unless you have a big ticket item (something that generates at least $800 in commission for each individual sale), then steer clear of PPC until you are more skilled, or have generated enough revenue to have some money to play with. Once you do decide to dabble into PPC, I suggest you test your ad copy first placing your ads on Free Classified sites and seeing how they convert.
ARTICLE MARKETING – One of the best kept secrets of strategic marketing online is article marketing. This is an inexpensive, generally free, tool that can truly help you build your business. The idea is simple, write an article with real content related to your business (while not directly pitching the business) and post it in as many article submission sites as possible. There are some paid services that will submit your article to multiple venues for you, and you can even outsource the entire article writing process. You can always do it yourself, though, and keep this strategy totally free. The beauty of this particular technique is its longevity. Once an article is submitted, it’s pretty much there forever.
CREATE A STRATEGIC MARKETING NETWORK – I know, I know… this sounds really complicated, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be. All this means is that you should find a way to have all your advertising, paid or free, lead to the same place. If your site is filled with real content, and has enough keywords in it, you can simply point all your advertising directly to your website. There, you’re done. However, if you have a replicated affiliate website, or your sales page is not content based, then you MUST find another way to lead your prospects to your sales page. See, Google will not give the light of day to a replicated site, and you will NEVER rank on the search engines without a content based, keyword rich site. The other alternative is to create a blog. Fill the blog with appropriate content and link it to your sales page. Now, you have an appropriate place to direct your ads to.
BE INTELLIGENTLY PATIENT – What do I mean by that? Don’t make the mistake of pulling your ads too early. In fact, don’t make it a practice to pull out ads at all. Unless you are losing money on a PPC campaign (refer back to #4), then just leave your ads in place. You can, of course, edit the copy if it is not converting as you’d like, but don’t make it a practice to place an ad and remove it in a month or two. Remember that statistically speaking, a customer needs to see your ad 7 times before deciding to buy. So, be patient. But, that doesn’t mean to not do anything. Keep placing your ads. In fact make it your goal to have your URL visible in at least 3 new places every day.
Strategic marketing is nothing more than a well-planned strategy or system for getting your business seen. Following these seven simple secrets will put you ahead of about 98% of other business owners out there who do not plan, and are not consistent. Take focused, profitable action every day. Plan five specific things you can do each day to promote your business and don’t neglect them. If you remain focused, Follow One Course Until Successful, you will see your business explode and your profits grow!

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Small Business Marketing Strategies – Direct Mail

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Some small business marketing strategies are more prone to failure than others if executed incorrectly. Take direct mailings for example. The mailings that will fail the most dreadfully are the ones where someone tries to accomplish too many things.

So, you’ve got to decide what the purpose of a mailing is. It may be to get them to purchase a golf bag. But it’s not to get them to purchase the golf bag and also get them to register at your site and also get them to maybe look at the golf clubs, golf shoes and golf lessons, or ask for a golfing catalogue. Yes, things like that can happen as favorable outcome of your campaign but your task is to clearly define the reason for this marketing strategy.

Number two is, determine specifically the demographic and psychographic profile, who exactly is your customer and what are their challenges.

Once you know who that audience is, then you’ve got to determine your mailing lists. You may have a house list. There’s actually different levels of a house list. Lots of times, they’re broken into A prospects, which is the best and the B and the C prospects. An A list might be someone who has actually purchased from you before.

The people who have a purchase history with you are the most likely to be interested in new products/services again, if you’ve treated them well or your service has been good and your product has been dependable.

The B list might be someone who had been in the sales cycle and maybe dropped out for what ever reason. Those people who are ex-customers or people who were interested enough to be in your sales conversation, even if they dropped out, they are the most likely after the ones who have purchased before to be a good customer.

For example, people who have ended a subscription to a magazine are among the most likely to re-subscribe to it again. It’s almost ironic.

Your C’s might have been people who requested information about your products/services.

It’s important with this marketing strategy to use at least two different lists and test different creatives and copy.

Below you’ll find some more tips that’ll help with your direct mail strategy:

- postcards will do the trick especially the bigger ones. Those little 4x6s, they often get lost in the mail pile.

- a brochure is probably the least important aspect of a direct mail package, and many times people have tested with and without a brochure. It confuses or slows down the reader and they forget what they were doing. They often put it aside because it looks like too much to deal with.

- put a testimonial from a person/peer they respect in your package. For example, “Wolfgang Puck says that these are the best recipes, here’s why…”

- a good offer always has a time limit.

- money off or a discount often performs worse than giving them something original for free.

- test lists that have a lot of names because if you test 1000 names and there are only 1200 names in the list you don’t have much profit potential left.

- combine your offer with a sweep, or report they get when they buy.

- don’t expect your printer to develop a good campaign piece for you.

Small business marketing strategies come in different flavors. Of course, there’s a lot more to cover with above mentioned strategy. But if you keep in mind that testing is the key ingredient, you’ve already come a long way.

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All Businesses Are Now Custom Publishers – Content Marketing Connects You to Your Audience

Jun 20 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Branded content, content marketing custom publishing, customer media, member media… no matter what you call it, the creation and delivery of targeted custom content, direct from businesses to consumers, is the new marketing.

Now is the time when all marketers, big and small, have to go beyond traditional media such as commercials, print ads and radio spots to reach consumers, and most importantly, retain their loyalty. According to a Roper survey of 100 chief marketing officers across 19 product categories, many marketers are using or considering implementing branded custom content. Almost 60% of CMOs believe that custom branded content will take up a bigger percentage marketing budgets over the next few years.

What does that mean for businesses? Everyone must change their mindset about marketing. The consumer is the head honcho in charge, and content marketing is the way to reach them. Companies can now engage in a two-way conversation with their audience, offering tips, news and solutions, and hearing feedback, in real time. Social media has even taken on the role of customer service for some brands, solving issues and offering information on the spot.

The opportunity is endless for businesses to engage with customers like they never have before. Why spend hundreds of thousands on a:30 TV spot when much of your audience speeds through commercials on a DVR? Through websites, social media outlets, blogs, articles, custom publications and online news releases, brands now have a direct connection to their customers, essentially becoming their own “media.” If you are in business, you are in marketing, and should strive to become a relevant source of information that you audience wants to read, follow, subscribe to and share. As marketing guru Seth Godin said, “Content Marketing is the only marketing left.”

Not sure where to begin? Here are some great content marketing tips to get you started:
• Answer your customers top questions on your website
• Start a blog with an intended content strategy and scheduled posts. Think about what kind of information your customers are looking for and become the industry expert.
• Engage in one social media platform that best suits your needs. Facebook is usually a good place to start. Imagine being able to talk directly to the people who are already interested in your brand!

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